Dr. Bond’s Five Favorite Things to do on the weekend…

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It has been two years since Dr. Bond joined our team. Wow, unbelievable how fast the time has gone! She has had the opportunity to meet a lot of you and your furry family members. We thought it would be fun to share some fun facts about her.

Dr. Bond’s 5 Favorite things to do on the weekend:

1) Walking and Hiking new trails. Thankfully, we have many beautiful spots to keep her busy in the Digby area. Please feel free to share your favorite spot with us.
2) Trying new foods……….especially Sushi!!!!
3) Time with friends and family- human and feline.
4) Trying to run a race and not be last. She recently ran in Sole Sisters in Dartmouth with a few thousand other female runners. She has a couple more lined up for the summer.
5) Making new recipes.We get to see a lot of her interesting and yummy creations that she brings in for lunch. She also shares her recipes:)

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