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Random Acts of Kindness for the Pet Lover

By May 26, 2015 Uncategorized

Random Acts of Kindness for the Pet Lover
Even the smallest kind gesture can make someone’s day. There are many ways that you can spread kindness to our fur friends too!
1) Volunteer your time to walk a neighbors’ dog. You may have an elderly neighbor or a friend who just had an operation or even a new baby. Your neighbor and their pet will both appreciate it.
2) Donate a bag of food to your local feral society or shelter (or even old towels and blankets).
3) Foster a pet that is up for adoption. Being in a rural area, most of our animal rescue organizations are run by a small group of volunteers and typically do not have a building to house pets until they can find a home. Foster homes provide a safe and loving home until a forever home can be found.
4) Participate in a walk or run that benefits an animal or wildlife organization. The Lions club in our area hold an annual Purina Walk for Dog Guides. If you can’t find one….start one!
5) Pay for someone else’s vet bill. If you know someone that is struggling and their pet needs care, you could put $50.00 toward their vet bill or purchase a gift certificate for services. We have had people leave donations at the hospital in memory of a loved one. We have used this money to help a client/pet in need.

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