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August 2015

Litter Kwitter………is it for you?

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Have you ever thought about toilet training your cat?

My cats stay indoors and I thought it would be great to get rid of the litter box. If you have lots and lots of patience and a cat with the right personality, you may be successful at training it to use the toilet.

In the spring of 2008 we adopted a new kitten and while browsing the Internet for a name idea, I found a product called ‘litter kwitter’. It’s a set of plastic trays for your toilet, each having a bigger opening that you gradually introduce as you are teaching your cat to do their business on the toilet. The process takes several months and as I said before lots and lots of patience. You must use flushable litter and expect to vacuum your bathroom floor a few times a day. Plus you must remove the tray each time you use the bathroom yourself unless you have a home with more than one toilet.

So do my cats use the toilet now? Nope.
When we adopted the kitten, we also had a 6 year old cat. She was more challenging to train than the kitten. The problem I began having was she would pee on the toilet then poop on the floor unless I was home to catch her and put her back up on the toilet. My guess is she didn’t like the water splashing her.. I tried for a while to keep encouraging her but could not stop her from soiling on the bathroom floor daily while we were at work. Then my kitten started copying her. So back to the litter box we went.

I have full intentions to try this again in the future. I believe it would work best with young cats who haven’t developed strong litter box habits yet. I also think your cat’s personality plays a role in your level of success.

For more information on this training aid you can visit